Sunday, 22 August 2010

goldilocks is at it again...

well that was a crazy wkd!! saturday started early for those who made it down to the club for start up pf K9 at 7am....huh hemmm...urr i got a little lost trying to find stuff in my studio after the big tidy up so it was well later when i got there and the raku kilns had been firing up already and breakfast all cooked..

K9 finished the firing by 3.30pm a well slow fire just to make sure those large pieces were fired nicely and a bout 12 firings in the 3 raku kilns it was some session!! a bit too much smoke but you get that in group and newbie situations all good and only one big crackup on the refire of a teapot, the evidence is in one of those bins in shatters...

so post firing i still had some time up my sleeve!! loading my car for market on friday night was a great idea i didn't have to do it when i was exhausted after a day of rakuing... :P

I'm off to glaze some of those mugs after a late lunch today and will finish the outsides tomorrow night and get that last cone 6 firing through a couple more tiles to come and yes i am cutting it fine to the deadline i need to get them packed this wkd it will take approx 10 working days to get them to the US and they should be there right on time for 15th september... ooh box hunting note to self!

And this monday it's a 'hung parliament'... we still don't have a clear election result.. deadlocked at 71 seats each Labor and the coalition ' Libs and Nationals' with 4 Independents and 1 Green holding all the balls at this point... either party/team needs 76 seats to govern..

well happy potting all and a busy week ahead... :))


  1. Howdee!
    A "hung" parliament is quite a tempting prospect at times,.... just kidding! Anyway, a rather interesting time for you all on your side of the ditch. Maybe a solution would be to ditch the Labour and National members..., they all cancel each other out at 71 seats each. Then the 4 independents could go as they probably cancel each other out too. That leaves one Green MP to govern, and think of the savings in MPs salaries!
    You've certainly been productive with the raku work. I was looking at my poor old raku kiln today and wishing I could have a bit of a burn up! I must make the time.
    Hope you get your work over to the States OK, and wish you were able to come over with it, it would be fun to catch up with you sometime.

  2. hey peter yeh becoming independent has been quite the thing of late..hopefully by the end of this week it will be sorted..lots of uncertainty in the air at the mo, it was all the topic of chat at the market yesterday!! HA yep that would be quite a saving eh... oh yes you must get the raku firing its such fun :)) oh well, maybe another trip peter i just couldn't quite scratch it together this'll have quite the time i think and I will be expecting quite the report back...

  3. Hi Ang,
    You must be sitting at the computer at this very moment! I just had a look at the goldilocks and the 3 kilns video, it was really great. Some nice work there too. Obvara raku, I haven't come across it before (we're a bit isolated here!!). What was in the first bucket that the pots were dipped into before they were then cooled with water? It was exciting seeing the colour develop on the pots as they cooled.

  4. haha!! indeed, ahh glad you enjoyed it was a long good day... Oh thats a thing anna's been doing.. it's some kind of yeast mixture and smells a cross between the dreaded vegemite and burnt toast when the pots come out... :P

  5. I agree with Peter, most politians should be "hung" and regular people put in their place. I'll be checking out the video.

  6. great video Angela,yes it was a great day,

  7. smokin' pots ang, we need a bloody triad of raku kilns around here somewhere

  8. hey linda the polies are playing nice today somethings brewing!!

    nice work anna, jam packed...:P

    howdy jim...heheee it was a very symbolic setup and i couldn't resist..:P and yes you do...