Friday, 13 August 2010

attacking the surface again...

A lil clay therapy yesterday.... it really is an amazing substance isn't it...

I must say that lil firecracker that went off yesterday on MK's blog was peeps what did ya really think?? ha... I guess when you invite someone controversial to write in your space interesting words will ensue.....

My latest pieces to go through the fire for Clay and blogs show and some decisions will have to be made who goes and who stays...hmmm..

The slip combinations are working nicely now and i'm getting a good feel for which marks to make and when to cover it all over and start that part...

 The 1st pic is the largest piece about 45cm x 30cm wet..and i'm going to leave that one very loosely drawn.. the 2nd HA! yes i did set fire to the newspaper while drying off some slip...a lil toasty warm up for the piece..!

And some closeups! must bring in the big camera and get really close for those..

 This work has been wet now for 2 weeks and it's getting really frustrating waiting for things to dry out before firing coz we all know what happens when you don't!! :P  And now thankfully the sun is out and i'll get loading the kiln this wkd hopefully as the mugs are all dry now..yes..!

Well hope you all have a great wkd making stuff or hanging out with ya peeps... ciao for now :))

I just thought i should add a footnote the post has now been removed from michael k's blog but you can get a taste if you missed it over at tracey's page  ....and movin on.....


  1. Great tile work! I am really liking the surface colors you are getting.

  2. Hi ang- it is always fun to watch as you explore the clay.
    We use a dehydrator to suck out moisture when we need to.
    Personally it’s great for all to get a chance to speak their mind- I think it would have been great to have MK leave the post up.

  3. hey mr young how ya doin... cheers i've intentionally limited my palette to a red and copper for the colours plus a grey wash where desired and just the background colour of the clay itself coming through the slip... mmm

    hiya meredith cheers, lovely to see your raspberry yesterday!!!! hehehe.. I agree, it was interesting even if some of the comments were knee jerk reactions to the post.. nothing like words to spice things up a bit eh....
    mm a dehydrator i'm using newspaper as a blotter underneath and the heatgun while i'm working as the slip just sits there at the mo...the fruit trees are budding now so it wont be long and i'll be whinging about how quickly everything is drying out!! ha!

  4. That slip work looks like fun, hope the weather continues to warm to dry them all.

    Too bad about the post being removed, how boring if we don't have a little controversy and discussion and spice in life. The raspberry was priceless.

  5. Ang - your slip work looks luscious. Hope they dry soon so I can see them fired! I'm sure you are ready for spring.

    Yeah I don't think the post should have been removed. Obviously it's a discussion we are all passionate about.

  6. Hey Ang, looking great. Yes, let them dry, no explosions in the kiln.
    I think MK will respond to the post and all. I think part of the reason for removal was some of the language in the comments (thank you very much trashy mouth Mr Philbeck) I think that sort of thing can draw Spammers to the site. Mistake on my part and disrespectful of me for using those words (Spleth's) on the blog. I should have put some *#@+ in there as buffers.

  7. That slipwork look yummie!!
    Can't wait to see them fired but no hurry there he? :-)

  8. hey linda mm not promising cold and wet wks ahead boo...ahh love that raspberry...

    hiya judy, cheers really enjoying this mix on the raku clay.. certainly was an interesting mid week blip..yes cheers to MK for putting up with it for a bit anyway..

    oooh ron, yes you!! the mouth on ya were somewhat in disguise though...ahh the bleeps bless em, you found the keys then..

    hey NK yep all these slipware folks, its catching!! all be it not in the traditional way, still loving it and yes i will wait for the tiles to dry, i changed the newspapers under them today as the ware boards were even wet!!

  9. ok, i'm officially in a snit and mad at myself... my punishment for not keeping up as diligently as i could have. i keep reading about this wonderfully controversial blog post and have no idea what it was all about. lovely slip fun pictures ang... always makes me want to do some too.

  10. oh jim that's a shame I think you would have had something interesting to say...maybe you could ask MK to email it to ya...made for some spicey reading!!

  11. Hey Ang! Just catching up and wanted to say these tiles are lovely, lovely, lovely.

  12. hey patricia...thanks i'll gladly make these for a while..yey