Tuesday, 27 July 2010


400th post, I was thinking i'd make it something special but as things would be right now it's not quite there!! I was hoping for lots of treats from this last kiln load instead i have possibilities and quite a bit of disaster really..

Ho hum, my clay is bubbling on some random pieces so i'm not sure if its atmosphere with mixed clay bodies in the kiln.. It happened last glaze fire too so could be the body. no pics of that for now..

I also used the wrong glaze on my dippy bowls so the glaze ran everywhere and overheated bubbles too..they have been filed along with the glaze!!

One tile i'm very happy with.. some movement keeping the piece interesting and some lovely fuming on the clay body which had added nicely so i think i've just found my online piece for Clay and Blogs telling a story show, i'll keep that one under wraps until i get the pro photos done :)....

I think i can say this is one of my worst firings along with the raku this wkd 40% cracked too thin i suspect, 30% stuck to each other in the kiln!! I front loaded it and thought i'd left enough space between the pieces but obviously not..and 30% good...ha hope to learn something from all of this,, anything?? or just chalk it up to experience ..

Just some tiles pics for now the third tile is brushings of my local clay so it will be mixing together with my usual mix and try some throwing with it... and note to self too much red and the white on white looks quite nice i must give it another try and hopefully things get better this week..


  1. LOVE your tiles Ang!! I really like how the white pops those colors and surface marks. Sorry about the bubbles...arrrrgh. 400 POSTS HOLY COW GIRL -its' about time for another music-vid ;o)

  2. I love those tiles, they are so full of movement. They looked pretty good even before the glaze firing. Sorry about the bubbles, but possibilities is a good word. As for 400 posts, well what creativity all round!

  3. Hi- good evening or after noon- or ....
    I love the movement and I even see a figure like someone is there moving through the tiles- working maybe.
    I know that file you talk about seems I have used that system as well.
    Can't wait to see your tile for the show.

  4. Beautiful tiles, love the colors and movement, sorry about the 30 %. congrats on 400 though.

  5. I love the tiles! Your use of color & the movement is stunning!

    I hate when the glaze stuff goes all wrong - errgg!

    400 posts -- congrats! I was feeling all smug cause my next post will be 200 -- you got me beat, girl!

  6. hey cindy, the white is cool when i behave myself and stick to the plan..a little more restraint on the next ones...where ya been C the last music vid was sunday...??

    hi christine, yeh i really like them before the glaze fire kinda crucial to finishing them off though.. :))

    howdy meredith, not quite the day i was hoping for maybe 401 will be...HA just about filled that file today! oooh must get on to my photographer bud :P cheers matey

    hey linda, ta mucho, i think i'm heading back to the dark body though its noice...

    hi judy, they get rather brushy yes, i'm not a painter though just love mark making.. awwww go the 200!!! woohoo :))

  7. I have to agree with everyone else, these tiles are GREAT! You know, I have just come to accept loss with firings because I have so much of it especially with Raku and I also have decided to let the glaze imperfections be a part of the work. I make it rustic enough so that the glaze mistakes just become an added feature. You could do that with the tiles!

  8. hey trace cheers!! the tiles weren't bad, although a touch heavy handed with the colour..it's been another wkd of carnage kiln wise really and i'm just blaming it on the full moon like i usually do!!!

  9. 400! Wow!
    Kiln carnage is sometimes best left to the providence of the Gods, it clear the way for bloads of good luck.
    PS the tiles did look really nice too...

  10. Hey hey , I really love these tiles. I tried to pick a favorite but couldn't. All amazing. Sorry about the losses in the kiln. Yuck. Keep at it, as we all do. On and on.

  11. hey FG, bring on the buckets i'm up for some good luck!! cheers man..

    hiya ronster, aww shucks thanks... i think i've found my palette now..set to do a few more. yeh ditched the culprit now! and planning to get back to some clay this wkd.. woohoo!!!

  12. HAPPY 400th! What a milestone.
    Sorry about the kiln loss... Pottery is the practice of dealing with the next thing that goes wrong. Thankfully, there are those celebrations when it goes right!

  13. hey patricia, yeh! filed...& moving on to working with those possibilities now..must get on and finish work for the big show now...:))

  14. the tiles look great Angela,there is a lovely brightness to them,the red works well

  15. hey anna, thanks glad you like.. that red really kicks eh!!?1

  16. these are amazing! love the range of mark making. shame about the crack in the last one.