Saturday, 8 May 2010

up on the roof...

Wow, has it been a week...? been rather busy and not much time for blogging this past week, so here's todays effort! A little roof climbing and enjoying the view.....well getting the flues up more like. Kevin the usual trooper that he is had everything organized and between he and Ross the flues were up quick smart!

The mini kiln now nick named K9 has its new canopy courtesy of kevin too... he's your man when it comes to welding! Sandy and Jess got a barbie together and quite a saturday lunch was up today... I also had a lovely time 'up on the roof'.. I've always enjoyed getting on the roof, there's something about the view that's rather cool... I thought we might be able to see the new football oval and club from up there but not.. the trees are a good screen for everything really... So today's throwing efforts are some more mugs for the test soda firing with the chunky handles i think and thats about it, off early for the mothers day classic run in the morning and lovely weather for the day too, 'happy mothers day' all...


  1. What, no koalas in the eucalyptus tree?
    That looks like a fine job of chimney installation, Angela. Hope to see the pots coming soon.

  2. hey hollis, no just birds out there..I've never seen or heard a koala round here lots of possums and foxes and other furry beasts though...firing is booked for next wkd i dont think its going to happen quite yet, theres some more filler pots to be made..keep ya posted

  3. blame it on the boogie... there was actually a part where his hammerin' was in time with the soundtrack

  4. he-ey jim gotta have some groove to my speedy ride to the club...ha funny that kevins handy with the hammer and good to see you fellas like the roof stuff..!