Thursday, 13 May 2010

more cuppage...

With some lovely sunshine today it was warm enough to get out into the studio and do some more gnarly handles..
After reading Joy Tanners blog today about using different clay bodies in the soda firing i'm thinking i'll try the light grey stoneware body i use for the shino in there too..
I've been enjoying a tall tea mug from Doug that i used in his workshop and will do some inspired by its tallness!!
And just to mix it up i'll do some porcelain bowls and try some MFQ also a very fussy clay! 3 pulls and your out basically but i want to see the surface soda fired so it's a must..

So now onto some housekeeping you can see how chockers the studio space is at the mo, everytime i have a tidy up i seem to inherit new things and fill up the space bring on the long weekend for some major changes! And a big thanks to kevin for the new shelves and the lovely stove to keep me warm..

So on to the Venco wheel, this one came with an assurity that it worked but it didn't.. i've changed the cable so at least it turns on now but the problem is that the drive wheel doesn't touch the cone properly.. the motor is held in place by a pulley system and a spring helps hold the motor in place so it just needs adjusting i suppose.. Anybody got any thoughts on how i might rectify this??


  1. get images down below- so what's the name are you going to make us guess!

  2. I really like your cup form, I still haven't settled on a form I like to make, basically, I have decided I don't really like to make cups! I wonder if anyone has a tidy studio for more than the day that it gets tidy. Mine is a wreck right now. Happy Cleaning!

  3. hey meredith is that in reference to the club kiln? no name yet but lots of crazy suggestions... the little one is K9 after the flue that looks like the dog from doctor who...the old series!!

    hi tracey this form is really from a few years of making it feels really nice in your hands and comes back in a tad at the rim making it more 'container like'..I bet you could make some great hand pinched cups!! I know.. i've just tidied up and now have to move shelves around so its going to be like a cyclone hit in there..

  4. Those handles look very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing them glazed.

  5. hey margaret, me too i'm thinking some nice celedons today...but that all depends on glaze day really...

  6. the cups are lovely as always... i think my studio is chockers too but i'm not sure what that means

  7. cheers jim.. chockers...chocka block.. full to the brim...tripping over stuff and hurting myself...get the picture?..