Tuesday, 11 May 2010

got the pp...

So i'm putting some images together for a disc to send out to galleries and on my desktop there are so many files with 'pp' in their name...I find myself taking heaps of images and the culling is a task in itself. So hopefully I've captured a good likeness of my current work..
I think a light box will be a great tool for the future but i do see images out there that inspire me...work in context or setting that enhances the piece rather than a 'studio setting'... take keith over at mudstuffing sketchbook for example the images are always stunning and enticing because of the additions..

Anyhoo we've booked in our 'commissioning firing' begins for the kilns next month, we have a certain amount of time to get the bugs out and work out our firing control before the kilns get passed and we get the paperwork through the official channels.. 19th June is now our set date so get cracking fellow clubees, lots of small works needed to fill our kiln.. Some rather humourous kiln names were suggested tonight the funniest of course the nastiest! So named or not its getting close and will be another milestone for us we've been waiting a very long time to get this one going. I think a rather large barbie and a celebration will be happening..


  1. The raku bottles are really stunning and I love the trays too. Do you like the all black background? I have been doing that and seem to like it better than the gradual tone from gray to black. I wonder what viewers of the work for judging like best? hmmmm....

  2. PP. We use that to mark out properties which have "Pottery Potential" when we are dreaming of where we'll move to.

  3. Love seeing all the pottery! pp, that's what I do off the porch. ha

  4. hey trace i do like the black it lets the work stand alone, i also like strong background colours..Not sure how it will be received but hopefully it will stand out..

    howdy H, ha good one, this pp is the dreaded powerpoint software not my fav but it's what everyone uses..I knew you'd come up with something good..

    hey ron, thanks it's a sample of what i'll be sending out just need to add some teapots.. and pp..another outdoorer eh..

  5. Great photos, I love the landscape platter!

  6. oooh one of my favs ali...