Saturday, 1 May 2010

gnarly and facetted...

some of the larger cups i threw last week were a little overscaled for my normal handles, so after some oversize extrusions, some added sprigs and quite some facetting here they are...rather gnarly looking bonelike handles...

In case you're wondering i'm making some collections for a test cone 6 soda firing in my experimental kiln.. I'm planning for a couple of weeks time so a bit of throwing to happen between now and then..

and the SA Ceramics Award applications close this friday
so i hope to get another cone 6 firing through to have some more tiles to add for my application...

I had a great time hanging out at the club today with anna and jess, the common space between us and next door is getting a sorely needed makeover before our new neighbours move in, we are about to be joined by a local scout group so hopefully they turn out to be handy we could use some more lil kiln builders!

So i'm mid studio reshuffle with new shelves going up and a big move around today so the place is chaos at the mo, as soon as I'm setup i'll give you a tour.. I'm always short on shelf space and work tends to fill every surface when i'm glazing or decorating so a few new racks will come in handy and yes kevin has plenty to go around rose and ali and prob some spares leftover too.. lots happening as per usual wkds are never quiet, happy week all and 'seize the clay'..hehehhe..


  1. Gnarly to the bone. "Seize the clay" indeed!

  2. Love the handles!! Seize the clay... then what? :O)

  3. ooo! I like the handles -they have a bamboo look to them, they're GREAT.

  4. very gnarly, Ang. Destined for shino?

  5. hi patricia hope you're feeling better.. they're very finger like eh..

    hi craig seize the moment, seize the clay and make your best pots ever..

    hi cindy i prefer bamboo to bone...

    hey hollis these are for a cone 6 i may put them in my soda test..

  6. LIKE those handles! :) Just how big are the cups?

  7. hey smarts, they're more like a small bowl at the mo i'll scale them after the glaze fire..

  8. hey ang, i'm digging those handles... i'm glad to see someone else getting carried away with handle making. they should be really nice after the firing with all that faceting.

  9. hey jim heheheh carried away indeed.. sometimes i just need to get out there a bit....they'll be more like these i'm sure..