Saturday, 22 May 2010

ball season...

A rather large night last night at the convention centre was the helpmann academy's 'Maestros and Apprentices Ball' it's the annual fundraiser that raises money for grants and mentoring of local artists in all sorts of fields. The night is full of performances and loads of art.. I was very impressed with the bidding system for the silent auction which is where Ali and myself had work along with Erin and Sunshine, Sam and Wayne and Klaus all ceramics...

funny thing ali and i were doing our second round of looks at the works we found my tiles on a back wall and i said oh 'pity about the lighting' then they flicked the spots on after a performance had finished on stage! oh thats better but a bit bright!! ha funny night! I said to ali 'that guy looks just like scott hicks'.. the film director she said 'that is scott hicks he's on the board'...HA! apparently the premier was there i didnt see him and lots of familiar faces just not sure where i know them from..anyhoo back to the system you could text through bids or use the computers provided and all the items flicked through rather fast on an LCD screen back stage and up on the big screens too along with artists of my wall tiles went for $300, along with a teaset, we put artists prices on the work the helpmann academy add their markup and thats the reserve anything over that is all bonus to the academy..

There was also a commissioned work auction in which some lovely glass work went for $11,000..and a massive metal sculpture for $6000.. So it was a fun night not much schmoozing done but a great idea of what happens at this function, congrats to all the artists and performers their was a choral group on when we arrived, lots of 'angels' around the room, dancers, a centre acrobatic act and jazz group.....some really cool stuff well worth the $200 ticket that folks paid for a sit down dinner and big evening..

well happy wkd all i have lots of studio catchup to do and a packed wkd it's market tomorrow forecast rain and wind and today is sunny and gorgeous 'what fun'!!


  1. Looks like a bunch of fun there! Same weather here for the market, beautiful today, rain expected tomorrow about the time I would be setting up my tent. I don't think I'm going out in it, firing my kiln instead.

  2. Boy you partied with the big guys last night! What fun! Hope sales are good for the market tomorrow.

  3. hey trace yeh it was fun my 1st helpmann ball and hopefully the weather is kind to us tomorrow..

    hi judy ahh the big guys indeed lots of suits and party dresses and indeed a lot of wings..thanks

  4. Holy Cow Girl -that party was UPTOWN!! Hope you had your dancin' shoes on! WOW -those are the kind of party's that you don't go home from -you just stay up all night then go out for breakfast -ha! Again, so crazy to think we are on opposite seasons. Finally warming up and tress are starting to bud out. Summer markets have started -yay!

  5. hey cindy yeh its the big one founded by sir robert helpmann the dancer...and very 'uptown'...very cool too had all the gadgets going to make me happy!and a great show all night long really but after a few hours in those heels i was done, a big week all round really..:P
    yep cold and rainy which you'll catch up with in the market photos from yesterday..