Monday, 29 March 2010

wrapped up...

wow yesterday started out so promising and then down it came! luckily i've learned to bring extra things to wear on stirling market sundays... Rose managed to put a smile on quite a few faces with her bubble wrap apparel - and then made me something equally fetching and dry with a hood... nice!! As the day progressed most of our work filled up with water..our cover is not 100% waterproof but hopefully next month we'll have an extra covering for our canopy generously offered by Mrs Honey....

and onto today..I headed to town with a box full of work for the Helpman Academy's Mystros and Apprentices Silent Auction.. 4 of the 6 works were selected...yey..

and this evening I've just finished the coil and throw pot, remember that one?
...added some slip and some marks and now for the rapid slow dry i have only two weeks to dry and fire these pieces now for the Campbelltown Exhibition..just a bit tight but I think I'll make it..
and a few warm up bowls from today also..

Well that's a catch up, happy week to check in on the webcam for

NCECA pre-conference.. ciao


  1. We had the rains here too, I have quite a few pots out on my back deck filled with water as well. Not fun doing those outdoor events in the rain, but builds character I suppose :)

  2. rain rain go away... i really dig the shape (and size) of that big pot that's on the wheel.

  3. your trays look lovely too! Hopefully the umbrella bearers also were spending and at least you weren't selling paper art in the rain :o)

  4. hey Trace, we have plenty of character hehehhe...

    Mornin Jim...all gone now and a warm long wkd coming up yey!! thanks, i wasn't sure if the base was too small and i think i've def pushed the extremes on this one..

    howdy Cindy, ta, nope not going to fib i sold 2 bowls...heheh we make our own fun on days like that.. yeh paper would have been a prob....

  5. These are rad!

  6. BIZZZY Girl! Love the bubble wrap fashions!

  7. When I saw those bubble wrap fashions, I really thought someone had got married... I must clean my glasses! Seriously now, how come Aussie fast bowlers can bowl at over 150 ks when the Kiwi ones can only manage about 140, before they stagger off injured! Just suffered another humiliation on the cricket pitch here in NZ! Ah well, someone has to loose. I think that they should train our teams to loose with enthusiasm too!
    Lovely new work coming on in your studio. Hope you have a good week, and good luck with preparations for the Campbelltown exhibition.

  8. hey natalie BBwrap goes anywhere and with anything!!

    hi patricia, indeed! oh dear we spent quite some time in roses creations...

    hi peter, ha not.. oh you talking cricket so sorry not my joy, doug did try to spur me on last yr somehow i have managed to stay sport free! thanks for the studio catchup still drying the big piece and i need to get it in the kiln saturday to meet the's to a very slow firing!!