Saturday, 20 March 2010

wood raku..le test

and here she is, my new wood fire raku kiln and testing today so a video will follow later...

it's an excellent record keeping tool too so next time i'll have my 'notes' to check on..

yesterday i completed the fibre lining with what we call the zicon layer it's the hire fire fibre that we use in the gas kiln so it would be able to reach around 1300 deg C, i fully intend on testing that ability at a later date and doing some sagar tests with soda firing...



  1. Too cool, can't wait to see the results!

  2. Your kiln looks great, can't wait to see your first firing.

  3. here she comes trace, uploading now...

    hi linda, any second now it was a good 1st firing..

    The japanese potters pictured here do woodfired raku-I'll let you know their names when I get my copy of "shards" back!!

  5. Ang, you are such a pro at kiln-making, firing, repairing. I'm impressed! Look forward to seeing all the wonderful pots that come out of this puppy!

  6. hi gz that would be great thanks i'm all for investigation..

    hey patricia, just incredibly curious need to know how things work and i do love a good kiln build! yes me too i have a few plans ahead for it...