Monday, 8 March 2010

pots a progress...

so a big yey for the long wkd!! YEY, womad friday night, a lil work on sat followed by some potting YEY!! sunday a good day in clay some new throwing and i managed 12 by 6pm i'm getting closer mr kline YEY!!! and a bit more work today followed by trimming the bowls from yesterday some more additions to the coil and throw pot and some tile making for this months deadline on the grant for the blogs and stories show YEY!!!!!

It was really great to sit down and make individual bowls just playing with shapes and lines and to come back today and trim them, i really enjoyed only having 12 to work on it enabled me the time to move on to something else and yet be in the same space of individual attention which i could then give to the tiles. The clay was still quite soft and slipping at that stage has made the surface really fresh.. i'll come back tomorrow to add colour and textures and some more slip..the idea again is in response to the surface of the clay - it's a raku type that has great plasticity and coarseness to which i can add illustrations, cuts and lines suggestive of landscape and journey..

hope you enjoy the vid, it's a long one so grab a cuppa and feel free to comment on the forms.....happy fresh clay week all...


  1. great video,lots of info.
    pot looks very cool,look forward to the finished piece.

  2. hey miss anna i hear you've busted a toe...all that dancing around the studio then, take it easy seeya soon tables gone agogo but i'll take heaps of pics to show you...