Saturday, 13 March 2010

shelac attack...

I found this guy in my mums cupboard, it's a lil favourite of mine despite it's glaze issues and probably for them...

So i got inspired the lil 12 before 6 last sunday needed something and out came fishy again who by the end looked like a shark rather than a goldfish rather cool...

Jim your influence is contagious!!

and head over to michael klines for a quick poll...


  1. I'm liking those bowls. I also find it facsinating how your mum's bowl somehow been deposited into your creative bank to be withdrawn one day.

  2. hey margaret, ah i prob should have mentioned its an old one of mine from 2001 and i get it from her cbd frequently to fill with chips..oops 'crisps' and such, dont know why i was inspired to shelac the new bowls prob all jims influence and it was fun!! thinking of using the same glaze that's on the original and also doing some in a celedon for my next gas firing...

  3. wow ang! i take a day or so off the grid and you post that beauty. that method sure does leave a beautifully free loose fishy there. i wonder if the one you found in your mum's cupboard was done with shellac or wax. tiles in the following post look great too

  4. mornin jim, honestly i dont remember i thought it was shelac but it could have even been aquadhere, a type of wood glue i do remember trying that out too, i dont think it was cold wax..thanks

  5. Wow. very cool Ang!!
    I've shelacked once on a tile it was very fun. I'm inspired by Jim's work as well.

  6. hey connie, i just took them out of the bisque kiln last night they look good,mmmmm now i think i have a glaze load full must get to it! I like the drawing aspect of it, very immediate..