Saturday, 13 March 2010

the same but different...'rosebud'.

ah some tiles from today....some of the deco layering slips carving and mark making on the same landscape theme of close up..middle distance and long distance...some ideas i picked up during the film course i took a few years ago and one very famous film Citizen Kane,...Orson Welles was well known for his long shot a frame of vision that include the immediate distance and into the long distance with great detail...long live 'Rosebud'...

it was quite strange film in the way that scenes were established and collated finishing with the sled of his childhood burning in a furnace and CK whispering 'Rosebud' on his deathbed, supposedly longing for the simpler days of his childhood... these tiles are a long way from the concept of the film but engage the idea of vision in clear detail through into the distance with there visual use of recognizable themes and content relating to our asian neighbours and images of mountains and food crops..also relating the quest of a journey long travelled... i'll leave the rest to your imagination, there's a few more details and layers to add with the cobalt tissue and glaze additions, firing monday if all dries out well....


  1. Love the tiles! They do give one that feeling of close, middle, and long distance. Quite a feat in 2D with a minimal palette.

    We studied CK in film class in high school, deconstructing several shots that were ground-breaking at the time and are still used as established shots to this day. Pretty amazing piece of work.

  2. hey jb,refering to CK i do love the attention to detail and i'm trying to do that with this work in the most minimal way...thanks