Wednesday, 10 March 2010

on the tiles...

howdy all, i spent last night at the club playing around with the newly discovered feature on my phone cam - the self timer.. so i figure out the 10 second feature was what i needed to set the cam focus and make a mad dash in front of the lense...heheh pretty funny the blurrr is me!

and a breezy view of the beach, a job took me to glenelg so i thought while i'm 200mtrs from the sea i'll stop was very windy and choppy but still folks down there in the cafe enjoying the sun..

and a few tiles with some porcelain slip on them, i'm layering the slips and working on the spaces to tell stories of movement across the surfaces with decals, glazes slips and textures created with tools i've accumulated from lots of different spaces themselves some from sunny devon and mr doug fitch's workshop itself.

It was a great journey to experience the countryside and the things that inspire dougs work, the tradition and his passion for michael cardew the traditional english slipware potter..
I watched doug work his stuff at a workshop at nics place where he threw a large jug, joined it and attached a groovy chunky handle and slip decorated it all in one session.
Truly an amazing thing to watch as the slip was worked with finger marks and a truly tasty tool with a rubber end that i'm using on these very tiles...

These pieces i'm creating are some new works to photograph for the grant i'm applying for to send my work to the Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story Show.. You may remember a print workshop i organised for the club last year and our friend simone who brought her silkscreens and expertise and took the group through the processes of printing and I followed that one up with a design workshop where we looked at creating imagery and balance on the forms we were using. Most of that workshop i spent playing with some tiles i'd made and the result of that workshop is the tiles i'm working on now...

Have i lost you??.. hopefully some of the inspiration for this body of work is coming through and you can see the journey it's taken and i plan to develop these into this year to be well ready for parceling up and sending some pieces to the show Meredith from Whynot Pottery is organizing, it's going to be a mammoth show not only in its locale but online too and i'm looking forward to participating and seeing the works online... anyhoo that's it i'll keep some shots happening as this is a work in progress.. cheers all have a great week..


  1. Hi Ang- it is exciting to see how many of the potters are working on new ideas for the show!
    I have always loved your tiles- it will be fun to watch these come together.

  2. OK, you guys are making me nervous... all this buzz about the blogger show!... and me still packing up boxes and cleaning throwing bats for my move... Fun watching the tile projects Ang!

  3. hey meredith, thats brilliant we're all inspired then..thanks for the cheer on..

    hi patricia, well its important to pack up your stuff well and get into your new studio, don't be nervous i'm just planning early and trying new ideas...