Monday, 1 March 2010


 about windswept for the last 2 nights its been ripping through the neighborhood and just about smacking the inside of my head around!
so WHAT the!!! when's it going to stop i need some sleep! right got that out of my system..

market yesterday was fairly uneventful unless you count the showering of hot chocolate that Ali blessed me with! hehehehe cheers Ali it all washed out ok.... Ali was 'stand in' Rose..after doing fill in shifts at the cafe Rose took a well deserved break and she was massively missed by all the stallies... it was an ok day with our usual lul across lunchtime i'm thinking we should have a big break at the pub or a siesta, whatcha reckon?? so the world was re-organised during this break and my week planned out for visits to town shows and shops shuffling my work here and there..

so i'm off to get some work done on the table and back to the studio tonight, hopefully all that blowing around is over now it's starting to sound calm again... this morning i've stayed inside doing tax work and generally trying to get my head around numbers and such, i think the ATO should have an assistant to us art types who's heads don't generally run in those circles an sort all this stuff out!!!!

right i'm outta here here's a few pics from yesterday... i've also noticed the vids are getting lots of hits, i'm glad you're enjoying them as they are helpful for feedback too, catch later...


  1. So relieved the jacket scrubbed up ok, thanks to your mum?

  2. Oops,that last comment was me, my fingers worked faster than my brain!

  3. no dramas at all ali, yey for synthetic materials!! ha speedy fingers...