Thursday, 11 March 2010

dedicated |ˈdediˌkātid|...

well here we go...a project completed that is dedicated to John and Leona,
'Tuscan Inspired Abstraction'
by angela walford..
2 tables that needed a facelift after the fire..and pretty they now are..

completed and delivered part 2 today and very shortly part 2 video after i complete the editing.. if you wish to see part 1 tableeer no.1 click here..

it has been an incredible project and i'd like to thank not only John Monahan and his brilliant idea of a gift for his wife Leona, hi and for the lovely reception you gave today on delivery of part 2 but also the peeps that helped make this happen, Kevin Capaldi my very good friend for being mr motivation and his son Leigh - he can lift things!!! thanks for being mr delivery too... thanks also to the 'club' tea tree gully craft workshop for the space to work in and the encouragement at every step from the team..and also you guys my fellow bloggers for the cheers along the way...TA!


  1. They look fabulous! They really look suited there. Well done chick!

  2. wonderful- don't they light up the room!

  3. Oh man, these are spectacular!! What a very special gift, just amazing. I know you must be glad to have them completed and settled in their new home. What an undertaking! What's next? :)

  4. wow wow wow... somehow through this whole project it slipped my attention that they were both going to the same place. they really look beautiful next to each other. it would be fun to have a nice lunch outside there on those babies.

  5. WOW! they are even more beautiful in their new home! I would so love to be sipping my morning brew and reading the paper at those tables, then return and sit for a bit of lunch, then sit again watching the stars and drinking wine with friends at those lovely tables!!

  6. WOW is right! Your tables look stunning in their new home. What a project - beautiful work!

  7. Wow, beautiful!! Well done, give yourself a huge pat on the back!!.

  8. ang the tables look fantastic, well done you!Its a shame we can't all get around them for a table warming,I'll drink a virtual toast to your tables instead, cheers!

  9. hey jess, cheers sweet..

    hi meredith, they do they work really well out there it's going to be a speck entertaining place indeed..

    hiya trace, yeh john had a great eye for art..ta mucho, next well in this vein i'm going to do an outdoor wall panel to go on my fence..besides that finish the campbelltown work and the tile pieces for the grant..thats a must do today!

    hey jim i thought you'd like these, got a deck you need such a piece on? ha yep they were designed to work together at either ends..

  10. hey YD, thanks for dropping by and thanks glad you like..

    hey cindy yes they are in a beautiful place, and you get the idea alright!

    hi judy. ta it was a large one with lots of life hurdles along the way, possibly my most challenging project yet and sooo much learned from it too, abfab!!

    hi connie, yep had a lil relax last night weird now it's completed but great too..

    hi ali thanks mucho, there's a big table warming this wkd!..yes a virtual cheer it will be.. thanks sweet..

  11. and Blane hi.. thanks for dropping in and thanks too for the cheer on...

  12. wonderful,they look awesome,
    well done.
    I missed seeing your beautiful table on wed,the club looks a little empty with out them.

  13. hey anna, hope your foot is healing ok...aww you missed the action, yeh we'll have to get cracking on a new project now to fill the space!!

  14. Well done, you make me remember a good site of contemporary painting
    keek going well.