Sunday, 28 March 2010

1001 uses for bubblewrap...

and there's plenty more where this came from rose posted some modelling shots on facebook...more wet pics to come soon!


  1. I'll bet that stuff is insulating and could keep the cold out. Ha !

  2. definitely more stylish than a trashbag with holes poked through

  3. all dressed up and no where to go!
    That is some high fashion going on- now to go read about this wood kiln.

  4. hehehe! you guys look warm! Hope you had fun yesterday :)

  5. hey linda it was rather warm but i needed it towards the end of the day it rained non stop the whole day!

    hey jim rather!! espec. the chopstick i think tha says it all...

    hey meredith yep stuck there til 4pm! it's all roses styling i came back from a chat with a friend at her stall and rose was all dressed up i said where's my hoodie?? and this is what she came up with...

    hey jess oh we had fun alright...hehehe