Sunday, 14 February 2010

scooby snacks...

scooby snacks they're not but some yummy rock melon and fresh pineapple to assist with the tile decoing last night..

so this is the very dark blue and the aqua replacements for tableer number 2..
i did some templates so i knew which way the brushwork flowed along with the surface colours, nothing like a good squiggle...must check i'm thinking now one of those tiles was supposed to be red...oh well after tea with that one....

and just to show i did facepaint Saturday afternoon away with some very interesting background music...some heavy metal to what sounded remotely like an elvis tribute to some really cool jazz..

one of the security staff took this for me, pity it's not from a bit to the left and you would have seen the queue of mums and dads waiting patiently with their hoards of muchkins, i did a check at 5.30pm and we still had 25 to go before 6pm...that's a few kids we must have done all up!!
and talk about parents behaving badly i think we'll have to ask for a bouncer next time, there was some rabble raising which thankfully ended quietly with some gentle intervention...and a bit of queue jumping, now come on people it's a family event!....I do have a good chuckle with little ones falling asleep in my hand as i'm painting and the teenagers are always a good laugh who knew spiderman could be so popular?

cheers all.. on and into a new week, lots to be done and happy throwing common Mr Kline next challenge...! or is it still 12 x 12??

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  1. i guess parents/adults acting badly in front of their kids is a universal problem not just confined to the US