Thursday, 18 February 2010


here they are fresh teapots and looking a little naked without handles, they're well wrapped up for another warm day tomorrow and hopefully handles tomorrow afternoon..

and whoopsie i overfired the bisque firing today, that's the second time i've done that since the new elements were installed it's so hard to estimate the end of the firing and calculating it by the old firings has proved impossible, Note to self - GO EARLIER....ah yes the club is only 3 mins down the road but it does get a lil frustrating driving back and forth on firing days..

and the pic below is a lil texture for the lids with my trusty mesh roller..

these teapots are getting the shino treatment on request from a customer so it will be interesting to see the results...

warm wkd coming up woohoo! and some glazing of the tiles and the kiln fillers, yey!!

How does 3 before 11pm sound Mr Kline??


  1. Great teapots -- how do you make the lid -- cut it out?
    Stay cool in all those firings!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your teapots! if they weren't so distinctive i'd have a go making my own, but these just scream out your name. :)

  3. Hey Ang, Your work hours for Mr. Kline are more like mine. I like the texture.

  4. hey judy, yes i let the clay sit in some plaster molds to get the curve. then cut them to fit the top of the teapot..

    hi kim thanks for visiting, i'm sure you can come up with your own version of the teapot...

    hey connie, yep i work around other things like job and heat so 12 before 12 is just not going to happen if it was 12am then maybe..

  5. hey cindy, 35C today so they're on the floor in the studio wrapped in copious amounts of placky and covered with a wet towel, well its prob not wet anymore must go and attend to that.. i did get the lids for putting the tea in done last night but not the handles, hopefully they'll be ok!

  6. teapots are looking great ang... i didn't realize you had to take a wee drive down the road to check the kiln. that's a yummy texture you got there.

  7. hey jim ta..yeh several trips during the firing, which i totally misjudged on the last firing.. unpack today and see how the glaze goes on!..i have a gas kiln at home still looking for an electric one...