Saturday, 20 February 2010

all fired up...

that was quite a squishy pack and at this point it looks like the overfire wasn't to bad..

i finished the deco on the cats munchy bowls .. ' a bit of a market treat'
and glazed and repacked the load, minus the mugs they'll be a cone6 fire with the satin black and i'm not sure i'll get that through prior to market it's next sunday and i don't quite have a load for c6 yet..

anyhoo finished the teapots cleaned up and did the handles tonight and they're all wrapped up ready for another warm day tomorrow... the wet towel trick over the plastic has worked well and they kept their moisture content well...yey!

firing monday me thinks....happy wkd all..


  1. good to hear the overfire wasn't that bad... everything looks great, particularly the fishies

  2. hey jim, yeh the pieces took the glaze ok, the test i think will be the mugs the colour looks a bit suss..i'll just hold them in the glaze longer i think...that glaze can be 'titchy' it needs to be thick to feel hopefully! all is ok..

  3. Cat munchy bowls are just too adorable! I bet you sell all you can make of those don't you!

  4. hi trace, ta, yep sure do more cat than the dog ones..its a good thing i change them slightly every time i make them...