Wednesday, 10 February 2010


addendum |əˈdendəm|
noun ( pl. -da |-də|, -dums)
1 an item of additional material,

finished putting the pieces of tableeer no.2 together and it seems the new batch of clay was rather wet.....mmmm.... shrinkage.......

so i'm thinking i'd rather do a few recuts at this stage and be happy with the work rather than having larger spaces between the tiles, i tried a few rearranging of the pieces today and that's where i'm at... poor back is getting sore here's the plan up bright and early tomorrow and roll out some clay for recuts!

But she looks lovely! I'm happy... and here they are side by side...


  1. Looks great from here- reminds me of glass.
    Lot of work in this!

  2. larger spaces between the tiles, sounds like a big pain in the butt trying to fit all that together. but when it's all over, it'll look beauty. i like the second one most, i think the black shape jutting up makes for a dynamic element for sure.

  3. At first I thought you had started working in glass!! The tables are sure beautiful -but I admit I would have FREAKED out to discover that some of the pieces had shrunk!! Good for you to be a pro and take it all in stride :o)

  4. hey cwg yeh the light was pretty harsh yesterday coming through the close now!!

    hey jim yah it all takes time, you move one piece and all the rest need to be re spaced ha! it does look black eh it's actually a very dark blue, and very nice to stare into...yum

    hi cindy, hehe not yet..! i did have concerns when the new clay came in and it was sooo soft, i'll just do some recuts today already worked out a firing schedule and if all stays on track should be ready last week of this month..