Sunday, 27 December 2009

piece by piece....

I've always enjoyed a jigsaw puzzle at christmas this year it's just on a larger scale!!! so here we go table #2, there's some very special sections in T2 as well as T1 so i'd love to get my friend to photographically document these before they go to their home down by the's been such a mammoth project and i will miss them.. seems quite strange really but it's been more than a commission and i really hope lots of fun times are had around them...

i'm cracking the glaze kiln tomorrow and hope to have figured out the firing schedule now that the kilns have new elements they're shooting up no problems at all..

and a few new pieces in the kiln too, i'm trying out some hand building for a bit trying to put more of the imperfections back into my work and combining the raku clay and some printed transfer deco along with some slip layering woohoo pics soon...

have a super week and hope you all had a great christmas some super time with family and i'm personally sing starred out for a bit!!!


  1. I want a table like that! The colors look wonderful Ang.

  2. haha! cindy you too can make one like this ...i'd advise a small cafe table to start with much easier to manage...!

  3. That is a huge jigsaw puzzle – it is going to be spectacular! Have a wonderful New Year Ang!

  4. hey jewels hope you had a good chrissy...mmm every step has it's challenges...getting there!

    hi joe and christy hope you're having fun in the snow!!

    hey patricia, i think its the angle!! its 2.2metres long by .8m wide...dinner table size for outdoors.. i think it seats 10..