Sunday, 20 December 2009

marki market....

what a beautiful day!! i was on my way to roses this morning cruising through the hills thinking i haven't seen much wildlife lately!! usually there's a kangaroo or 3, ducks, a koala crossing the road but lately nothing!! so what do i see around the bend? a couple of emus strolling casually down the road towards me 'ahhh'! avoid... swurve.....ok that's my wildlife fix for a bit!

so a stunning day, we set up in record time and the crowd was teaming, the coffee queue was super long hence only one trip for rose,.... heaps of visitors as per usual and a very special visit from our good friend ali who was absolutely superb at helping pack up so we could get to the pub on an early minute....yey ali...

off to sleepies, i'm exhausted...ciao all, have a super week wherever you be...

a few panoramas around our stall taken in the quite moments today....


  1. It does my heart good, Ang, to see those Aussie crowds wandering among the crafts wearing shorts and t-shirts. We woke up to 18 inches of snow this morning and cancelled the second day of the studio sale. We're right now getting into mimosas and afternoon football. Happy holidays!

  2. what a nice market under the trees in the sunshine, our high fog has set in here and doesn't look to go away for months.

  3. Glad you had good traffic, beautiful weather and was able to make it to the PUB -yahoo!
    -We're still shoveling snow and another storm is said to be brewing in the Prince William Sound which is right behind us...

  4. Looks like it was the perfect day for it. Completely different to the weather we've been having here, see photos on my blog!

    merry christmas :)

  5. oh no hollis, oh well relaxing day then...put your feet up..

    high linda yep the first warm market in months...yey!

    high cindy i know your probably over it already but jump in the snow for me will ya! and have a good chuckle that's what i'd do...

    hi charlotte thanks for dropping by, yep we've been hearing about all the snow over there....we very rarely get it here and only on one 'mountain' when we do...we're just not high up enough..will visit your blog too..

  6. looks like a good time and lots of people, glad to see that. looks like much progress in the previous post too. it's like the monkey's tail in the lawnmower, won't be long now. hey was curious about how the google ads are working for you.

  7. hey jim.. it was really busy first off them calmed down lunchtime..oh yeh every step along im getting more confident of the outcome...wont really know with google ads for 12 months but i thought id give it a try..

  8. What a great day to be out shopping at a market! Can't wait for Spring when I can start doing the Farmer's Market here again. This reminded me of the great summer we had out there selling pottery. Except no 'roos walking around!

  9. No 'roos walking around here or emus on our road, but we do have a fairly wild looking ginger cat that apparently stalks sheep when he is not catching rabbits, rats, mice, lizards, and (sadly) birds...
    Glad the market was busy, hope you are selling well in the run up to Christmas. And whilst I am on the subject...,
    Happy Christmas!

  10. hey trace, no roos but surely some wildlife!! get cracking for those market sales then and have a super christmas...

    hi peter, yeh all those scary kiwis to deal with...hehehe...take it easy ginger!!
    yeh the mad flourish is over now but still table to finish next week and deliver to one happy customer i hope!
    have a great christmas and looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the new year...