Sunday, 20 December 2009

le tablerrrrr...

friday and saturday sticking, cutting, cutting, sticking, dropping oooops!! sticking, cutting, sticking, dropping oooops!!! ' i did it again'!!! thanks for the friday exhausting and all i got done was sorting table 1 from table 2 tiles and glueing to the mesh..

method being all the spacing sorted pre gluing then cementing down sections one at a time.. the dropping was not planned of course but there ya go i was having dreams of dropping tiles, at least it was only a few..

so saturday was cutting the edge strips and happy cementing, phew that was one long day... i got home 9.30pm cooked tea sat down watch some tellie and got half way through a show and my glass of wine only to have a power i sit and wait ooh theres the flicker is it comng back on? nope flick off again!! ok wheres my mobile?? on the desk it's pitch black and i creep across the room to my desk and grab the phone.. click oooh light yey!! now wheres my candle stick and...where's the matches?? so anyhoo an early night for my aching back and luckily my pod charged up so at least some music to drift off to.....


  1. Looking good Ang in spite of the obstacles

  2. Your tablerrr is coming along quite nicely - love the colors and composition!

  3. thank dooooglas..

    hi C, ta looks better in real life if i do say so myself...:P

  4. I think most folks don't have a clue as to how much HARD WORK goes into these projects. Wow. Looking great! Bet you'll be doing the happy dance when done.

    Hey, your note about power outages reminds me of all the time it happens here. But it hasn't for awhile... Probably means we're due for one. I kind of like it. It's like an imposed "time out."

  5. hi patricia...oh the hard work, so much of that but its starting to pay off....a little dance me thinks is well called for...make sure the batteries are in my video for that one!!..time out yeh sleep...speaking of which oh and have a great christmas..