Tuesday, 29 December 2009

are we there yet??

are we there yet??? well oh so close...heres yesterdays efforts and yes i really did break out the angle grinder...

the panorama image really does make the table look longer and a little blurry in the middle..

so all glued down and grouting today back on the video i think... should be a satisfying completion..

and just for something odd while i remember it..
.... weird is all i can say....what must go on in my head as i sleep....there's the police who 'pull me over' for pushing the car from behind and sus the car because it's too small!! I'm like it's a rental. kinda the size of on old fiat but new...and then i'm being chased by the nicest hit man who tells me i must get out of his block which i can't get out of and he keeps popping up in the strangest of places...the car of course is useless as a getaway vehicle and there i am trying to drive it up some stone steps up a hill?????and what would a dream be if you didn't end up in the river with your car full of miniature cows????? pffffffftttt!!! weird man...!


  1. that table is gorgeous! but your dream -- I think you're working too hard -- lol!

  2. the table is amazing,looks great ,be proud girl friend,well done

  3. Wow that is gorgeous...incredible...!!!

  4. hey judy.. perhaps i am and yey my eye has stopped flicking today...woohoo..

    hi anna, totally happy, had a lil celebration last night...and thanks for all your help..

    hiya MWIV, thanks so much...