Thursday, 17 December 2009

allo, allo, allo.....

you'll never guess what i did this afternoon!!!
it took me ages to get the tables separated....but now we have some order and tomorrow is cementing these guys down wish me luck and still videoing the gig so it'll be an epic when finished....

below pic ....i though this was a cool abstract piece, i'm looking at all these shapes now and sure some more inspiration will come from all the rejects.....

the ceramic tile store just down the road has been so great with info and sorting out all the bits i need, thanks to kevin also who's working really hard on a work project right now and misses out on all the fun of putting the tables together, oh well you can sit back and rant at me later in your most encouraging tone as you always do when they're finished...

more later.... ciao ciao...


  1. looking good,will be down the club sat,unless some thing crops up.

  2. looks like it's coming together fine although i don't envy you... seems like a puzzle you're putting together.

  3. What a puzzle you are creating, have fun putting all together.

  4. What a lot of work! Those are great photos showing the size of the tables! I didn't realize they were so BIG- Go girl!!

  5. Yey for Ang!!! Give me an A, give me an N, give me a G, what's it spell ANG!!

  6. oh super anna...

    its ok the numbers are on the back jim!

    when the music's good all fun thanks linda..

    oh BIG they are cindy, and on completion a 12 month project with a big burst of activity for the last few months..

    hiya simone thanks for checkin it out..and thanks for the cheering...

  7. WOW! I want to make one of these. I'm adding it to my list of things to do! Quite the ambitious project though, I fear :)
    Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. hey trace it's been quite the challenge and has had it's own dramas attached to the project... i would suggest something a bit smaller to start with...:P

  9. Exciting progress! Looking forward to seeing more!