Sunday, 6 September 2009

wenford bridge..

this place was a little treasure trove amazing to wander through and pick up shards of old work, wenford bridge used to be michael cardew's pottery, doug is now the proud owner of mr cardews wheel and he must have been pretty tall or had really long legs coz i needed a leg up to get on the seat which was def. made for a guy! and i could hardly reach the pedal hehehe fun though.... we took a stop over while on our way down to cornwall, hosted by frank the 'sign guy' and his wife who put us up in their lovely little cottage overnight, all i'm going to say is kids musical toys are a lot of fun...! hehehe...

the next morning we walked along what is now a reserve with trails and more water, it goes by what used to be the china clay factory tonnes of bricks in there but it was all fenced off so no rummaging.! after the obligatory pics outside of the cottage, doug and i went on our way to st ives.. the days menu was lots of walking, john beddings gallery at which surprise surprise i found lincoln kirby-bell's work, he sent a text while in there saying check out this gallery, hahaa!, already there lincoln.. and very nice too from some really old treasures to todays work, all styles of gear I was suitably impressed..then off to leach pottery where i met up with jack doherty, lovely to catch up again jack, he did a workshop at the jam factory here in town it was good to see him again.. I had a good chat about the hols with one of the studio guys while jack was busy trimming up some work for a show.. we toured the pottery then headed off to penzance to catch up with lincoln who luckily had the kettle on!!.. lovely to see him all settled in to his new studio and producing yummy slipware again, i brought a few pieces home too..

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