Wednesday, 16 September 2009

tiles on board...

 we go a very gentle drive home last night from the club, all unloaded and filling up another studio table now..I decided to bring them home while remaking some warped ones and i'll get started on the next table now too, just thinking so i don't lose momentum and while the weather is still mild to get the rest of the tiles made and decorated...

It's so good to see them at this point i really want to lay the table out to see it full scale but me thinks it would just be a major distraction right now, so onward..
I handled the mugs today they're rather large and pics later, yep pulled handles and all....

and the new ron mug, just lovely.. i've learned a lot from your handles and doug both do large strappy handles, they'll be good for the manfolk who come along to our market stall looking for the monster size mugs..


  1. the colors on the tiles are wonderful! I also like the illustration on the mug :o)

  2. Thanks for the comment left Ang x found out this week that the Scottish Potters Association are creating an Alan Gaff award for for graduates, we are all so pleased he is being remembered in this way. :)

  3. I know you mention the "club" all the time, and even though I know it's a clay club, my initial reaction is oh, she's out late again - dancing up a storm...hehehe

    Sorry, I digress. I covet a Ron mug - just haven't committed to one yet.

  4. hey cindy, yep they've cone out really well, another kiln load and they will be done..

    hi nicola, that's a great idea from the scottish potters, an award alan would be proud of..

    hi cynthia, haha well it was a late i may as well have , had to dodge footballers in the carpark.. nothing like a good speed hump..! yeh the ronster mug is another lovely one i must get on and send some of my pieces around the globe..