Wednesday, 9 September 2009

marks on clay....the same today as yesterday...

howdy all, just sifting through some of the images i took last friday at the british museum, although the undertone is that everything here is pinched from cultures around the world if you can forgive that, the work is incredible...and an amazing source of reference for all who visit...

and being free its accessible, although there access for those disabled leaves a lot to be desired, a building of some years awaits air con and lift access to all areas, ok whinge over, the pieces are incredible..

hey jim check out this egg shell ware reported as finger marks but im not sure, some rudimentary brush marks perhaps... beautiful to see the mark making that you make today relate to these ancient forms...

and these great cyprus after looking in dougs reference library and atempting to make lines that refer to these pieces then seeing them for real...amazing stuff..

and these great pieces, great line work and carved stamps that relate to the slipware stamps i'd just used the week previous in dougs workshop, it truly was a great holiday and I can say it adnauseum but i really appreciate the trip and it's influence that i can sense already, happy claying all hope your weeks a good one...


  1. Love those "finger marks" or what ever they are. I've never seen decoration like that before. I wonder if you could get something like that effect by sticking a finger into earthenware slip and dabbing it onto white clay? Must give it a go. All the examples you've shown do also illustrate that it is possible to do something really lovely with the most simple and limited colours and techniques. I must try to remember that! Thanks for the museum visit.

  2. the guy with the sword is fab is he not.

  3. they are fascinating cindy, the detail in the drawings grabbed me..

    hey peter, well you prob's the simple deco that stood out the most and prob one thing that today we reference the most?

    are guy with a sword! all i was looking at was the glaze marks and the line detail ...ha..