Sunday, 27 September 2009

explorer socks and doc martins.......

so did i mention layering...?

stirling is well renound for being chilly and if it rains anywhere it'll be raining up there...! there was even a question of snow but i did hear it was no chance of that happening.....

so here goes the routine double socks and docs to keep my feet warm and dry about 3 layers and 2 coats to keep the chill at bay... lots of jigging around and roll your jeans up otherwise the wet soaks up your legs....yuk!!
shove your hands in your pockets and leave them there for as long as possible......

so why do i get out of bed on a sunday morning, ..........? mmmmm well great company, lots of friendly faces and good chatter all day long and you can tell we have fun we're always the last packing up but the council rangers are great we even got a smile goodbye today 'woohoo', as they open up the road again for traffic.....

here's a few glimpses of sunshine from today.....


  1. It may be over a 100 degrees where I am today... that bit of chill looks might good. Hope it was a hot show despite the chill

  2. wow 100deg wanna swap?? hahaa...

  3. I feel your chill sister!! I've broke out my Smart Wool socks -routine apparel now -ha! Not sure my polar bear body could handle Patricia's heat though :o) Great booth pictures.

  4. Love the large bowls with the alternating stripes on the outside and the raspberry colored bowls, looks like folks were out despite the cold, hope you had a good day.

  5. winter's on the way... hopefully a bit of indian summer before i have to double up my socks though. looks like you had fun regardless.

  6. hey all, it's all if you go prepared which i think i've got a handle on now....and yes much fun and chatting goes down well..