Saturday, 26 September 2009

deconstructing harry the teapot...

here we go just one version of the set of teapots on the backwards fashion just to make life interesting, i wish i could have just played it backwards but unfortunately i don't have that facilty.. maybe i should send a note to the apple imovie programmers...

anyhoo, quite a noisy day with the football grand final on and all that....our neighbours were doing their best impersonation of a football club...speed humps again, barb and i exited early...when you hear lots of things going bump and the volume goes up 10 notches it's time to get out!!!

so a few more pots for the tea to go together yet next week...and it's market tomorrow at stirling hope it's not too chilly or wet, layering is the word,.. it will be great to do a big catchup with everyone too. hope to see you up there...cheers all..


  1. wonderful vid Ang! great looking teapot... loved watching it deconstruct. Hope market day goes well!

  2. Very cool! Loved the tunes -listened as the wind and rain was whipping away outside on my very dark morning... Thanks, it got me going after I had my tea :o)

  3. hey patricia thanks, market day was good...

    hi cindy, ahhh excellent glad to be of assistance first thing in the morning....did you get the itunes pop up regarding the music?.. just curious...i had a message last night from you tube, saying there would be an ad pop up...

  4. Nice one! I've always wanted to do a short movie of unfiring a pot, then unthrowing it, make a spoof of a reverse pottery, turning the pot back into clay, then burying it.
    I came over from Matt Grimmitt's blog, we'd talked of a similar thing when I visited the shed...
    Then today, I see your brilliant teapot deconstruct!

    Nice teapot too, I really like it, and the lug handles, though I wonder how hot they get?
    Your comments on handles reminds me of my old tutor, who was a stickler for proper balance. Yours remind me of longbows.
    I'll browse a bit further. Winter's coming in England. You'll be warming up as we slide into freezes.

  5. hiya S, yeh i'm in teapot mode at the mo all out of should do it it'd be a great flick..
    Ha HAAA already tested that, they get mildly warm since they are high up on the pot, the pot itself is much warmer to touch..
    well handles not my fortee until doug showed me how he does them, i'm getting it now.. yeh ready for weather swapsies...

  6. Brilliant video an great teapot! Thanks for sharing the process.