Tuesday, 22 September 2009

come home baby...

I'm waiting patiently for my baby mac to come home, it's off at the service team at norwood suffering a cracked hinge which apple are telling me doesn't happen so it's not covered under warranty... so hello not happy jan...the part should be in and fixed tomorrow apparently it's just the cover section that's cracked...well enough of the whinging...so soon i'll be able to put some movies together again...yeh!!

today i'm off to roll out some slabs for the teapot lids, all under plastic at the mo awaiting the vital parts... so the next few days in between work those will happen..

sunday was beautiful weather for the city to bay I did the 6k this year and still have one very sore calf...I came in at 49min on my ipod pedometer... which i'm very happy with, poor lungs had had enough though...bah asthma...! so i tried out the little video feature and will put something together tomorrow night lots of cool stuff and beach scenes down at glenelg...


  1. Congrats on the run! And, I have a hard enough time running without asthma - kudos to you...

    I bought a new mac about 6 weeks ago and really like it...hoping not to have too many issues with it.

  2. hi ang, didn't realize you were a runner too. have you read "born to run" by christopher mcdougall? it's a must for runners, it blew my mind, altered my worldview.

  3. thanks C, i went looking for the photo finish but they're not up yet..! just under 30,000 in the city to bay this year...got a bit crowded at times..!

  4. ooh C, new mac what'd ya get, the hinge cover is a minor part about $15 it's the repair labor app.$100 that's the stinger..

  5. hey jim, can't say that i have, i'll look it up..