Friday, 21 August 2009


this is the jug that doug demoed i have some vids for later to splice together..

the little kiln is from the kiln building course at nics this week, started on gas then switched over to oil fuel..

nics showroom is his driveway there's massive pots everywhere with lovely marks and flashings..

the groundhog kiln was having it's last firing before being pulled apart, and another kiln, a cantenary arch rather large one will replace it.. evening literally although the tent setup was brilliant and i spent most of the evening sitting by the fire and chatting with folks doing the course from all over including blogger andrew, an ex art teacher, and a couple a german students, if i was better with names i'd be able to name them wouldn't i..! a good night all up..

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  1. sounds dreamy to stay up around the campfire talking pots. nic's kiln looks like a coffin. from yesterday, i have met up with fong a couple times, he loves to fish... a lot.