Saturday, 1 August 2009

sneak peak 2

big, whopping, thanks to drek today for spending ages shooting my tiles... so here they be ..'the surface within' - mini wall sculptures for 2D or not 2D.. really happy with these guys, the owl & the pussycat are out of the kiln today too....yehhhhhhh..


  1. the tiles look great and the pebble glaze works very well but I do like the Owl and the Pussycat slideshow,great Ang.

  2. beautiful pieces both owl and pussycat and the surface within, but particularly the latter. it's deceiving when looking at them unfired... they turned out wonderfully, especially the first one and although i had never really seen photos with a red background, it really works well, maybe i should convert? trying to think what color pots wouldn't look good over that rich deep red.

  3. morning judith, exhibition opens wed night..

    hey jim, ta mucho.. usually I use some colour in the 'prof' photos, just take some time thinking what colour would compliment the work, I brought home from the art shop black, white blue and red paper and we never got past the just worked..