Thursday, 27 August 2009


Wednesday's plans were thwarted by car issues... .we were heading off to st ives catching up with jack doherty at leach pottery and lincoln kirby bell in penzance who set up his studio there..

So we'll pick up a rental later today and head down tonight, lots to fit in but we have a plan...well doug does...!

So yesterday, i headed off to town with hil and had some lunch in a great old place that must have been the town hall or a church..really spacious and a balcony overlooking downstairs, toured some vintage clothe shops and went to visit '3' to see if we could figure out my account issues, note to self '3'uk are not the same as '3' oz, funny thing everywhere i go people want to talk sport! ha sorry folks i have no clue...! wandered around the apple store, not great the place was full of kids on everything, so it was a walkin and geniuses there...and the gear is more expensive than home..

later at the workshop.... we unloaded a bisque the teapots and the big dish then glazed and reloaded the small kiln...and the plates and mugs and some jugs of dougs went into a hot kiln to steam the a little while we were out, then fire overnight... I may be sharing some bad habits by putting damp ware in to push a bisque... o' oh.....!! next time you hear about an exploded pot it'll be all my fault..

the 1st 2 pics are off the show... the 2nd 2 are us mucking around in the main street..

Just for fun last night we went in search of the location for filming of Jam & and Jerusalem..

Would you believe I come all this way to introduce Hil & Doug to the series.. I saw it was on tellie the other night and since it hasn't been on for ages at home a little catchup was called for.. so back to last night we went in search of the pub.. all the exteriors are the same but inside certainly isn't a timber lined pub... 4 fellas hanging around the bar talking about football..with a darts score board that plugs in and a blue pool table, one dining table and a couple of church pews..!! ha!!
Jam & Jerusalem is filmed on location in North Tawton in Devon and on Dartmoor. Interior scenes are filmed at Pinewood Studios.


  1. Hi Ang, Still learning new ways with potting , pity you couldn't catch up with Lincoln, would love to see his studio and catch up with him, hope you have his address,as we were in the same year at art school together, with Mellie.Will be good to see how your pots turned out.Judy

  2. hey judith, yeh fun..saw lincoln today managed a trip to penzance after st ives, will grab some pics off dougs camera and post soon..and new pots too..

  3. Love your night photography of the city scenes.