Tuesday, 18 August 2009

exeter cathdral..well next to it the old one...

some more cool stuff around the square in the town centre some shards of pots inset in perspex, oh and doug he's real..and some reproduction of text set in concrete they're all around the space i grabbed a couple of shots of the ones that amused me most.. , the ruins are what's left of a bombing during the war ... we also drove past the prison apparently where oscar wilde did a stint and wrote there too..brilliant day, we had lunch in an art space/theatre cafe and checked out a couple of exhibits, strolled around town went past the lovely book shop that so kindly got me in contact with doug on sunday, yeh for wi-fi i say and skype!!


  1. 2 hours in the stocks just for being drunken... wow! things were rough back then. my grandfather, who was from sicily, used to live in the other side of our house when i was growing up and he used to call socks... stocks. i guess he thought it was short for stockings but it used to crack me up as a kid when he'd say "put your stocks on"

  2. Good to know you have arrived safely.
    Are you planning to come to London? We are only 30 minutes away by train.
    Hope you have a wonderful time.

  3. Whey Hey Ang! How's the jet lag? Hope you are adjusting well.
    Really great to meet up with you, a little too brief really but another time.
    Enjoying the blog posts, keep them up.

  4. hey jim, pretty tough eh? good ol grandpa..

    hi margaret, i will be getting to london, just not sure what day right now, i want to go to the british museum and the tate..

    howdy H, brain is still a bit slushy, was really great to meet you and paul, yep more time would have been great...went to a football match tonight, rather fun...