Saturday, 8 August 2009

ah the platitudes...

totally exhausted... I've fired 3 kilns, and had a good bash at some clay today and yes i have the splattered clothes to prove wedging technique ...when the clays's too firm slice it and dunk it in a bucket of water then smack it down on the wedging table, works a treat ...just a tad messy!!!!! anyhoo after 2 bashes at the big stuff and losing it, a firm word was had with self..! slow down!! the big stuff takes a different kind of rhythm... well after that the fruits above and of course by the time i've made 4 of them and all the kilns are done i'm well into the pace of affore mentioned platteridge...well a good days work and time to wrestle with the new wireless i give up !! another day....


  1. i'm with you, after all that who's got the energy to deal with wireless modems

  2. I think Super Woman has some serious competition Ang!!!!xxx

  3. I'll try that dunking trick - sounds splatty though. My last batch of clay is all way too hard to through - I try to remember to have slices of it with damp cloths in between the day before, but soemtimes I forget. Great you sold some pieces at the Terrace sala opening, it looks an impressive place.

  4. hey jim, that's todays job..what are my chances it takes all afternoon..

    hi rose, yeh who needs an invisible plane..

    howdy christine, oh splatty indeed and my arms are still stiff been working small for a while..!yeh I'm happy with my 1st entry to the terrace sala, I hope the rest of the month is as good..