Sunday, 2 August 2009

ah the famous two..

my fav shot from the weekend, - apart from the surface within tiles of course... and a crazy one it's been, I do love the palm trees setting the scene in the background..
I'm in need of sleep!!.. the urban cow show gets set up tomorrow, how exciting to see the work from the others, we kind of discuss what we'll be doing for the exhibition in the months prior to the show but it's always exciting to see it all come together..


  1. Wonderful tiles Ang. My young son was looking at the Blog with me and thought the top tile was a cool fossil!

  2. Fabulous surface and the owl and pussycat tiles look so good grouped to gether.

  3. hey cindy, wow that's such a compliment..thanks 'little shake'..

    hi linda, the show started going uo yesterday and they are sitting nicely next to each other..