Saturday, 25 July 2009

the owl and the pussycat..

And here they are...not in their original tale but the owl and the pussycat what a team!
This is cobalt and manganese deco with a little underglaze addition.. they'll be glaze fire next week also, the clay collective sala show opens wednesday 5th August at the Urban Cow Studio 11 Frome Street Adelaide..

I also have some little tile sculpture work out at a little place called 'Terrace' 51 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood...
it's a very cool place they do sala every year so it will be good to see my work in a different setting..


  1. Hey, do you just mix those oxides with water and then brush on? Be sure to post then after they are fired, I'm interested to see the results. Thanks!!

  2. hiya ron yep i just use them likw watercolours you can add intensity with less or more water, i also flood the tile sometimes with water for a weeker result..

  3. The Owl and The Pussycat! I actually found my childhood copy today, such a cute book.

    BTW, cobalt and manganese stain washes should be used carefully, as they are heavy metals and toxic to us (especially manganese), skin is often a point of entry. For my own health, I try to avoid raw stains and buy commercial stains. Some of my early work using raw stain washes can be found here: Also, at earthenware temps, stains that are not covered with a glaze or contain a flux will rub off.

    Hope that helps,

  4. an excellent point made by grr- but since this is not an instructional site i don't go into every step - so here's the OH&S message for those unaware... wear gloves and any other precaution you deem necessary when working with toxic elements, there i've been as responsible as i feel nec. folks