Saturday, 13 June 2009


Oh the good old cone 6...I spent this afternoon running some tests for cone 6 a little magnesium extreme creepy crawly glaze, some yummy blacks and a faux celedon and chun... I did some glaze combinations of neph syenite, kaolin, whiting, and talc in rotation a good place to start.. these are for the new tiles for 2D or not 2D for the clay collective show.... I have considered the return of the owl and the pussycat - for some more illustrative tiles as well for this show..we'll see...

My test bowls are through the bisque today also, looking like bubble gum gelati at the pre fired stage, these are for the decals from my lazer printer i'll run a few through the smaller test kilns to see how they fire up..

And started a few ideas for low relief sculptures with kevin today at the club, these are a few pics of the beginnings, it's a colaborative project which i should be able to update weekly how things are progressing...


  1. very curious about the cone 6 crawly glaze... gonna try one soon myself, please post the result, i'd love to see

  2. Mmmmmm Verry Interestink, Ven vill zay being rready for show?

  3. ven exactly, still making tiles and need to get pams work finished so i can get the cone 6 tests through, good job for wednesday me thinks...hope to have it fired this wkd...

  4. wow, you are a busy girl! Hope you post more owl and pussycat tiles. those illustrative tiles are so whimsical. love 'em.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the test results from the firing! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait till I come back from vacation in July....

    Did you say decals???

  6. hi patricia, yeh I think i will, the owl and the pussycat making a come back...

    Hi C, you off soon then, have a great trip and yes i did say decals.. oh no have i just jinxed my plans?? heheheh