Monday, 29 June 2009

oh so fine...

chilly but lovely... the north wind loomed early but all died down after a spatter of rain making for an oh so fine day.... plenty of peeps and their dogs and not an umbrella insight...I was well warm with 2 pair of socks, my doc boots came out of retirement for the day and an 80's flashback with my jeans rolled up a tad so as not to become the drowned rat of last market, sorry guys no bubblewrap skirts i'll try better next month...heheehe... so post hillarity followed with a stop-off at roses with the market winddown and also to pick up my remaining tiles from the greenhill show that rose had been babysitting...


  1. display looks great... as do your pots... and so does the weather! man, it's hotter than hell here... today I'm in central california where it's literally egg-frying-on-the-sidewalk hot. Gotta get outta here and back to the coast.

  2. lots of nice pots, hope it was a successful show

  3. All the colors on your pieces look beautiful! I've enjoyed seeing all of the different markets this time of year through the artist's Blogs. It's always fun to see how other artists display and sell their work.

  4. You're so funny, didn't really think youd put up the crazy pic, made me chuckle this cold wet morning

  5. hi Ang, hot hot hot here, crazy crazy. when are you here? let me know that dates, Id like to see if i can get to meet you somewhere let me knw our plans.

  6. hi patricia i'd be lovin that warm right now....I have another cold!...grrr

    hey jim, yep a good wkd for all

    hi cindy, we kinda have a standard idea but its always progressing when we set up will small variations depending on the wares..

    mornin H, I touch ground on mr dougs b'day annd am down for 2 weeks then off to see some fam and london for the final week...i'll email you exact dates...