Wednesday, 3 June 2009

extruded handles, what a cheat....

Here she be, our trusty extruder..well worn and well used by all groups at the club space, the dyes are cut out of perspex..

and some mugs with handles i'll finish these off tomorrow, prob facet some handles..

the 1st time i did these type of handles was at college, they went on some slip cast mugs some twisted using the coil, they attach really well to slipcast ware..


  1. Mugs so far so good arn't you getting trickey with your handles then. Have a great weekend in Queensland xxxx

  2. howdy rosa, well you know me....ta seeya soon

  3. Tricky indeed...I like the little scroll at the top, have a great trip xx

  4. I second the scroll, very nice. The dies, is that the same as plexiglass?

  5. hey ali, mm i do like a good scroll, ta hope the weathers cleared up a bit..

    hi Linda, could be it's a very thick hard clear plastic you can cut it drill and all sorts..