Thursday, 16 April 2009

'recollections of a tea party in wonderland'

just a few tiles from my exhibition work for the clay collective show entitled 'exoteric'

'the knaves knees in blue'

'recollections of a tea party in wonderland' is a body of work that
has sprung from my memories of the well known story 'alice in
wonderland' , for children there are always favorite parts of a story
that are read over and over add infinitum until you can tell the tale
with your own embellishes. my memories are tainted by the black and
white illustrations in our copy of the book that we so freely treated
to some colourful pencil work of which i still have the evidence today.

the deep sided tiles are an exploration in texture and layering,
creating pieces that appear old and worn and yet solid, akin to my
memories the illustrated tiles represent macro sections of the black
and white illustrations with the humour and oddness formed in my
imagination of that weird and wonderful tale 'alice in wonderland'.

There are 12 tiles in all.
the knaves knees, the knaves knees in blue, queenie off with your head and mad hatter curioser and curioser.

if you wish to see the whole collection search for Exoteric on facebook..
the whole show is online for viewing also at the greenhill galleries site in adelaide.

The Clay Collective opening is on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 11:30am Greenhill Galleries 140 Barton Tce West North Adelaide SA

'the knaves knees'
dedicated to uncle peter..

'queenie- off with your head'

'mad hatter- curioser and curioser'


  1. Hey there,
    I eventually got the time to sit down & get my head round the whole blog thing, I'm not that great with these things but thats it set up so I should be ok now.
    I had a list of people to contact when id set it up & had got through some lastnight but you beat me to it as i was going to get to you today. I wanted to thank you for your kind words & best wishes last year as it was appreciated by us all at Argyll Pottery.
    See you on the blog, Nicola

  2. hey nicola, yeh word spreads fast around here, I spotted your name last night and had to stop by's sooo great that you're all keeping things going there at argyll will be lovely to see what you're up to, seeya round

  3. Oh my gosh! These are the coolest! I love the texture and colors. great work.

  4. Ang, I checked out the photos on Facebook. I love your tiles. Really fun. I also liked the ones Erin Lykos made.

  5. hey cindy, thanks..its my second show with this group,and a little step sideways for me with thes tiles
    I hope peeps like em..

    hi ron, its a decent size show i think will be great to see it all for real next week, glad the fun part comes through, i'll let erin know too..

  6. ★★★★★

    Most excellent!

  7. howdy cynthia, 5 stars hehehe, oh you're too generous but thanks..

  8. Love that Knave Knees one with the writing imagery behind it. Congrats on the show. Sounds like fun!

  9. oh the tiles look great!, particularly the knaves knees in black and white... love the drawing style

  10. hi patricia, yes i think those are the ones peeps will immediately relate to, hopefully the others are growers..

    hey jim, thanks it's just what comes out of the end of my pen kinda classical / cartoon style..

  11. Hi Ang

    Thanks for your recent comments....good to know chewy is alright in an Aussies mind!!

    Are these the tiles you mentioned? them, I'd call them mini-sculptures...'off with your head is my fave, love the texture.

    cheers Amanda x

  12. hey aj, yes, thanks for the 3d layering idea, mini sculptures they are then..