Monday, 2 March 2009

layer upon layer

here's the results of saturdays firing, some great layering in glazes and  some lovely details like iron flecks and salts from the shino..

I gave up around 12.30am sunday as the day was a long one and possibly another hour or more was needed to reach c10 and a a result the chuns didn't reach anywhere near what they should be. .

so there will be some refiring for those pieces and surprise surprise mugs!! i don't usually do the mug but all that teapot making must have sparked a burst of muggage  energy.....and much bigger handles after getting a doug fitch and a ron philbeck in my hands....

well the firing was long and perhaps the alterations to the flue affected the firing or maybe just running low on gas, we did start later than usual as kevin wanted to check the gas lines, thanks so much for all your assistance kevin.. you da man! 

and the dark celedon and shino came out a treat, the perfect purples even showed some colour, the barrels again distorted so i need to address that in the making or glazing stage to fire them together.. 

overall good results and filled every space available even the walls again and lovely results down there.. and the mortar and pestles look yum..


  1. Hey Angela,
    great glazes,plates look good enough to eat off,
    cheers Anna

  2. Hi dosen't look like you need more inspiration! Thanks for your lovely comments as always....been a really slow year this year and it dosen't seem to be getting any quicker. Some of your sun may help!

    Cheers Amanda x

  3. hey aj every now and then i'm looking for a 'seeler' idea and you just delivered it...thanks you'll see some ideas soon..

    hi anna, i'll bring some tues night....seeya then..

  4. Enjoyed the video. The pots look yummy. Nice shinos and all. I sure wish it was warm and sunny here.

  5. i really like this pieces. I'm a student in Ron's class and just yesterday poured slip on earthen red and it looks somewhat like your #3 pic, although yours looks better. It's been fun following your blog. Peace, Amy

  6. hi amy thanks for dropping by... i bet you're having fun in ron's class and learning lots.. these pieces are all glaze layers, i like the way they interact with the kiln atmosphere..

  7. Nice work, I like the glazes, I know what you mean about it taking ages to fire, co's now i have my electric kiln i can just turn it on and go to the pub. not quite the potter spirit, but the Grolsh is nice.