Friday, 6 February 2009

working inside....

I'm working inside today just getting the pattern organised for the tile process, rolled back the rug and cranked up the air!! It's 40degC now heading for 43degC today that's usually around 3pm, so guess who has to go out to work at 2pm !!..

The pieces all get numbered and flipped on monday tuesday is my aim when the temperature breaks next week, so i'm just doing prep work inside today..

The red tests are ready for the kiln so aiming to get plates done, I may do them tonight when the shed's not so hot... really just making kiln fillers and playing with drawings at the same time, a little extension on the tea party theme and the white rabbit i think...they were received well at the last market which is always lovely to get such a positive response to new experimental work...


  1. Just wrote a comment to you and forgot to publish it,stupid. Its stinking hot, just like last summer only you are having to work on your project. Beem busy this last week with an EOI for the Norwood council and had to have it in by today so I have just delivered it. Don't know how it will go so will have to wait and see. Judy

  2. Wow, what an intricate process. I admire your talent and your patience!

  3. Ang, this looks great and will be even better when fired. I'm going to be working on a tile project with a friend soon. A whole new experience for me.

  4. hey judith all the best with that one...

    yeh patience needed now patricia, i'm eager to get going now that the jan hold up is over, and with the weather change expected i'll be on it this coming week..

    super ron, we can compare notes is it a big job?

  5. Nice to find you, Ang! Tile projects can be so daunting. This one looks terrific. G'day! It -10°C! Bit colder than where you are! :)

  6. Love the pattern, can't wait to see it finished!