Saturday, 21 February 2009

testing testing...

testing testing 123......

more details on the table / tile work at the mo..

the red is seemingly illusive but there's more to be done yet, i'll grab some more reds before making the final decision, the tests came out well but i'd like to see something darker  before  making the final decision on colours...

all of the kiln fillers came out great really great colour combos pretty lairey but nice all the same..

i did  bit of slip trailing too with some copper slip and black slip which i'm v. happy with...
they'll make for a nice set up tomorrow with the same deco on some bowls and lovely weather expected for sunday at stirling market..


  1. Ang, the red looks comparible on the computer,as a similar colour to the colour chart of your table . I have a similar red but will have to look up test results to give you the colour name tomorrow.Judy

  2. The slip trailing turned out fantastically! I love these...your illustrations look great in clay.

    I answered your question about the decal paper on my blog.

  3. These tests look pretty exciting and nice drawings. It looks like we're both testing at the moment...!