Sunday, 1 February 2009

quite possibly melting..

well not much happening this week gone as a high weather system sitting over the eastern states has us at bay! how rude...  i quite possibly have melted several times this week getting in and out of a blue car in this heat is like stepping into a kiln pre heat cycle.. well enough whinging!

lots happening this week i hope, my tracing paper finally came in re pattern making for the table, and now that the pug mill shop is open i was able to grab some more base reds and can finally get on with last colour testing...yey!!

 i'm still on the hunt re silkscreen photo emulsion and what product i want to use, i have a choice of 2 here in the city and really am trying to research the best possible environmental choice.. .it will be all systems go with tile printing as soon as this gets sorted, i must say its so much fun drawing straight onto clay so i'll probably combine the printed image, with bright glazing too...

i just popped up into my roasting studio looking for something mildly interesting to post and remembered fishy table it just needs the tiles cementing on the edges and vwalla!!


  1. hi Angela,
    agree with this weather we are having,man its HOT.
    Table looks great.
    I think the pug mill was real busy yesterday,I was buying supplies and Brett was flat tack.
    Hope the weather cools down soon,so I can start working.

  2. Too much heat for my likiing over there. I keep hearing about it on the news. In contrast I am struggling tp type as my fingers are starting to go blue with cold. Snow on the hills, icey fields and a very strong botter cold wind here.

    Take care in the oven.

  3. Snowing here, kneading clay with ice crystals in it!

  4. hi girls, hopefully a break in this soon, last night was a tad better went down into the 20's...
    thanks Anna i will get it finished soon and Hannah keep snug you need those fingers, hi christine sounds crunchy...

  5. Oh that is a bit toasty! I wish I could have about 10 degrees of your heat...

    The fishy table is cool!!

  6. hi cynthia, oh feel free, take as many degrees as you like!!