Wednesday, 25 February 2009

found object show

More  red tile tests for the table are in the bisque kiln today, i trotted down to interdec on monday in search of deeper reds, thanks to paul for his assistance we decided on doing some blends to get closer to my visual mock up table design..

In the spirit of  good oc health and safety practice i donned the mask and gloves for the slip mixing  and painting process....ta rae!

My what a crowd we now have on wednesdays.....lunch was good, nice quiche rae!!

After loading the bisque kiln i got back to my tile construction, these pieces are for the clay collective show in april.. I was inspired by an exhibition i saw online of deep tiles so i think i'll be wrapping the imagery around the sides too, this concoction is paper clay and very fine grog, i'll scoop out the backs later, and as you can see i'm using some of lewis carroll  for inspiration on the deco again.... lots of layering i think and surface texture too....


  1. can't wait to see the finished tiles. I like the idea of deep tiles.

  2. Deep tiles with LC style deco wrapped around them is such a brilliant idea. Very noice Ang!

  3. Hey great picture of Doug Fitch.

  4. In his younger days perhaps?