Friday, 23 January 2009

playing the waiting game

playing the waiting game on several fronts at the mo.. waiting for tracing paper to come in to art supplies store to get on with pattern making a crucial part of the table construction, i need to keep track of the pieces and keeping a pattern has proven successful in the past so i'm sticking with the plan..

and waiting patiently so see if we can save big momma,, keith is investigating all details for us we're lucky to have a few really talented peeps with great expertise in and associated with our club..

on another positive note some snaps of gifts we received from the cockatoo valley pottery.. bonus wheels a jonwig and a pretty heavy duty venco, heaps of glaze materials, another mini version of the monster sieve, and some jars that belinda has her eye on, i think they were made by bennetts pottery in magill, i do remember the glaze room down at underdale college being full of them..

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  1. hi, thought I may have caught up with you on club day but you weren't in. Saw heaps of the donated stuff around the clubrooms.
    Let me know if I can help with sorting.