Saturday, 3 January 2009

image transfer day

I'll be doing some image transfer stuff on monday with rose my friend from college, and be using the imagery above, I had a play in corel draw adding some colours with the drawing tablet, really fun stuff..

I've done screen printing before but not on clay and made some decals at college but they were with the smelly inks and i'd like to work in a much friendlier environment than that so monday we'll be experimenting with different applications and techniques.

hopefully some good stuff will be produced. spent yesterday making flat plates and such for experimenting on, also flipped the tiles that are drying at the club, had a good afternoon making and spread myself out all over the place so sorry if you go in today before i have a chance to move some things....the fence needs repairing and most of today with be taken up with that...


  1. Wow-wow-o-wow. These will be very cool as transfers. Looking forward to seeing.

  2. Happy New Year Ang....I hope its a good one for you. Looking forward to seeing the finished images....Amanda x

  3. hi ya both, ya should be a good day of experimenting..
    and a nice new page layout you have too AJ, and a cool theme for the years work ahead - happy new year, i would have left a message but you don't have that enabled yet..

  4. love the images and the colours,look forward to seeing more.